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AuKids Magaizne Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The multi award-winning magazine we’ve designed and illustrated for the last 10 years has reached its 10th anniversary. AuKids Magazine gives helpful and friendly advice to parents and carers of children with autism, and is run by editors Debby Elley … Read More

Over 5 Million Views for Baby Truck!

‘Baby Truck’, an animated video we created for Toddler Fun Learning’s YouTube channel, has over 5 million views in just 3 months!

Baby Truck is a runaway hit

Internet Sensation

Paul Perry, CG animator at Periscope, commented “We … Read More

Certificate of Excellence

Periscope Studios Ltd

Today we were informed we’ve been awarded a certificate of excellence from the lovely team at Bark, as they think we offer an outstanding service to our customers. The certificates were awarded to companies who had the … Read More

Toddler Fun Learning

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve been contracted to create regular 3D animations for the popular ‘Todder Fun Learning’ YouTube channel.


We’ve created 3D models, animatics and animation for BabyTruck, Trevor the Tractor, Amber the Ambulance and … Read More