February 27, 2019

Animation for Huntington’s Disease Association

We were recently commissioned to create an animation for the Huntington’s Disease Association (HDA) to let people affected by the disease know what help is out there for themselves and their families.

At our initial meeting with the HDA, we created the two central characters – the HDA health advisor and the young lady she visits whose mother and grandfather both have Huntington’s Disease.

We then designed the other 14 characters in the script, and drew up a storyboard which brought together visual ideas from both the HDA and ourselves.

Jo Perry, co-director of Periscope Studios, said ”Huntington’s disease causes uncontrolled movements, and we wanted to capture these movements as accurately as possible in the animation, so before we began animating, we watched reference videos online of people affected by the disease.”

The team at HDA were over the moon with the results. Bill Crowder, Head of Advisory Service, commented “Periscope have an eye for bringing the animation to life with sensitivity to the issues we needed in the film. We are really pleased with the final product.”

The video will be used to break down barriers such as problems with communication in order to help people better understand what Huntington’s disease is. It will also be used to promote the Huntington’s Disease Association’s services allowing everyone affected by Huntington’s in the UK the opportunity for support and advice.

There is more info about the animation on HDA’s website here.