May 17, 2021

Two animations for Oldham Council to promote the easing of lockdown restrictions

After the success of the first animation, we were asked to make a second

The first animation, which we won via a competitive tender, encouraged shoppers back to Oldham’s high streets when the shops re-opened on 12th April. The animation centred around a main character, Mark Crossley, a real-life fishmonger who works at Tommyfield Market in Oldham. He tells us what a tough year it’s been and how he adapted his business, and he reminds us to wash hands, wear a mask and stay two metres apart when we return to the shops. He ends with saying, “We’re stronger together, better as one. Let’s make Oldham safe for everyone.”

Co-Directors Paul and Jo Perry, who live and work in Delph, Oldham, were delighted to be involved with the project.

Paul said: “To keep the animation more authentically Oldham, we licensed a brass band music track recorded by Delph Band entitled ‘Hail Similing Morn’ which fitted beautifully. The rhyming script was a collaboration between Oldham Council and Oldham-based script writer Cali Warham, and local voice-actor Matt Cummings provided the narration for us”.

Jo added: “The council loved the 3D style we proposed, and we’re really pleased with the outcome. We hope the animation encourages residents back to the shops, and reminds them to do their bit to stay safe.”

To date the animation has had almost 10,000 views on social media.

After the success of the first animation, we were asked to create a second to mark the return of indoor dining on 17th May, and to remind residents of the latest rules so they can enjoy the new easing restrictions safely.

Cali once again worked on the script with the Council, and the voice-over was provided by Katie Lowe (11), a student of The Blue Coat School.

“We auditioned 35 girls aged 8-13 from the Oldham area who all had some form of acting experience. Katie, who has been a member of Oldham Theatre Workshop since the age of seven, had a very natural and expressive voice, perfect for the narration for this animation. We modelled a 3D character which loosely resembles Katie after meeting with her to record her voice” explained Paul.

Jo added: “The narrator tells us how she missed her Nana’s birthday celebration because of lockdown, but we tried to get across a lighter side of it by showing Nana gesturing wildly when on a video call with her granddaughter and struggling to stay in frame (something quite a few of us experienced over the last year). We’re really happy that the first animation was watched so many times, and we hope this second animation is well received too.”

Councillor Arooj Shah said: “We’re delighted that residents will once again be able to enjoy indoor hospitality across Oldham. Businesses are continuing to do everything they can to ensure they are a safe place to visit, and we ask residents that they continue doing their bit by following the safety measures in place.

“Only by following the guidance can we ensure that these venues stay safe, remain open, and that we can continue to enjoy long overdue catchups over a coffee, family celebrations and delicious meals at the many fantastic venues across the borough.”

Chris Todd from Oldham Council gave us a fantastic review on Google shortly after the animations were completed: “Periscope Studios were recruited by Oldham Council to create two short animations that would communicate COVID-19 safety messaging whilst promoting the fact businesses were back open.

“In doing so, we created our most viewed social media posts ever and received recognition from the cabinet office for the high quality standard of the works.

“Looking back, I cannot describe how fundamental Periscope has been to that success and can’t recommend them enough. Their creativity, drive and attention to detail is beyond reproach, seeing our project without limitations – only possibilities.

“It’s this mindset that allowed us to connect with our audience in a new and more engaging way, at a time when there was a notable fatigue to COVID messaging.

“I look forward to working with them again in the future knowing there is only more excellence to come.

If you’re looking to creative something special for your current campaign, Periscope are the team to work with.”

The two animations were funded by The Reopening High Streets Safely Fund, set up by the European Regional Development Fund and Her Majesty’s Government.

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